has the following missions:

-  to conceive   and planning the military elements of defense policy;

- to develop sectoral   policy of the Ministry of National Defense;

-  to prepare for the Minister of National Defense guidelines for military training and operations to be disseminated to  the General Staff of the National Defense Force and follow up;

 -  to develop national strategies for national defense;

 - to participate in the preparation of emergency plans in case of disaster and natural catastrophes;

 - to conceive  strategy of  information and Communication;

- to establish the manpower figures scheduling policy, equipment  and infrastructures, and control its  implementation;

 - to reinforce the spirit of unity,  tolerance, respect for human rights and political neutrality in the National Defense Force;

 - to lead  the international negotiations  concerning  National Defense;

 - to determine  the directions for  the action  of  organizations involved  in the domain of national defense;

-  to develop and keep track of  investment projects of the ministry.


Planning Department has the following missions :

- to suggest  and conduct necessary studies given the evolution  of defense policy and technologies;

 -to participate in  elaboration  of sectoral  policy of the Ministry of  National Defense and Veterans Affairs;

- to  elaborate  planning acquisitions in different domains  of National  Defense in collaboration with other relevant services;

- to participate  developing contingency plans in anticipation of natural and other disasters in collaboration with other departments of the Ministries concerned.


The Department of Strategic Studies has the following tasks:

- to identify strategic and vital national interests, prioritize and determine the objectives to protect;

 - to examine  threats  or obstacles related to the strategic interests  

-  to determine the specific measures to  implement  for the  protection  of these  interests;

- to assign specific responsibilities;

- to propose the efficient use of available resources.


The Department of Information and Communication has de following tasks:

- to develop and implement the policy of the Ministry  of National Defense  and Veterans Affairs in communication, to promote the brand image of the National Defense Force;

-  To inform on Defense policy and the National Defense Force

 - to plan and coordinate  Information activities;

- to  operate on behalf of the Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs reports of   the moral lectures and prepare guidelines.


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