has the following tasks:

-  to prepare and propose annual and multi-annual policy supply depending  on the needs;

 - to develop and manage the budget of the Ministry of National Defense;

- to support Units and Services of General Staff of the National Defense Force;

 - to prepare and propose an adapted health policy of the National Defense Force personnel;

- to propose and implement policies and cooperation on importation  of defense equipment;

- to ensure, particularly through the commission market Analysis secret nature, control the execution of contracts related  to  war equipment.

The Department of Budget and Supply has the following missions:
-  To execute the guidelines for annual or multi-annual   supply depending on the needs;

-  To manage the loans allocated to the Ministry of National Defense and Veterans Affairs

- to provide logistic support to  National Defense Force.


The Department of Military Domains and Infrastructures has the following tasks:

- To search, demarcate and cadastrate military domains in collaboration with appropriate civil institutions and local communities empowered;

 - To plan the construction of new infrastructures and enforce major repairs of existing infrastructures;

- Managing the Real Military patrimony;

 - to participate in dispute resolution connected with military domain  and construction.


The Transport Department has the following tasks:

-  To develop a policy acquisition of transport in the short and medium term;

- To manage transportation staffing in the Central Services of the Ministry of National Defense and Veterans Affairs;

 - Plan and conduct the Supply of spare parts, fuels and lubricants;

 -  To elaborate maintenance plans and transport equipment in National Defense Force;

 - To ensure proper use of the means of transport of the National Defense Force.


The Direction of Health Service has the following tasks:

-  To coordinate all medical support within the Department of National Defense and Veterans Affairs;      

-  To schedule medical and paramedical courses in the National Defense Force in collaboration with the medical Staff Training;

-  To supply the National Defense Force in pharmaceutical and control the usage;

 -  To participate in prevention policy and supported the endemic, epidemic and chronic diseases within the National Defense Force.

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