1. Composition
The Staff Training consists of the following Offices and Training Centers:
• Office of Personnel and Logistics (OPL)
• Office for  Basic Training (OBT)
• Office of the Higher and Specialized Education (OHSE)
• Office  of  Sport  and Physical  Training (OSPT)
• Higher Military Studies  Grouping ()
• Higher Military  Academy Institute ()
• Military School of Crafts (MSC)
•  Bururi Camp

2. The Training  Staff  Missions:
 Missions of  Staff Training are:
- Carry out  the decisions of the Chief of General Staff and his Deputy;
- Plan training at all levels;
- Develop training programs;
 -Coordinate services under his responsibility;
 - Ensure the follow-up of the training  at all levels and areas;
 -Organize the  military recruitment and that of  teachers;
 -Commander, control and administrate  training centers;
 In collaboration with the G1, organize the selection of abroad grants' candidates;
 In collaboration with Military Cooperation Office ,  monitor and evaluate  military personnel training abroad.
Each Office of Training Staff has a specific mission.
As for training centers; they have the following tasks:

HMSG Missions are to:
 -Ensure higher  training of the NDF officers on general operational and administrative plans
 -Ensure proper conduct of the group in terms of training ; the discipline; logistics and outreach;
- Ensure quality and smooth running of training programs in various courses;
 -Ensure the proper organization and coordination of teaching;
- Make proposals to the Chief of  Training Staff to improve services;
 -To make handouts by faculty;
 -To promote research in military science.

ISCAM  Missions are to:
 - Organize recruitment of officer candidates
 - Ensure basic training of officer candidates complete the FDN to the level of platoon leader;
 -Organize and provide civic and moral training seminars and  others on human rights and international humanitarian law;
- Ensure the academic training of officer candidates FDN to at least the  undergraduate  degree level;
- Provide  officer candidates with the necessary support to become effective military leaders, disciplined and radiant;
 -Ensure the accomplishment of military and academic programs;
 -Coordinate lessons and ensuring their implementation ;
 -Make  proposals to the Chief of  training Staff targeting  the  improvement and  the diversity of  the training;
 -Supervise officer candidates in the NDF on training in other  institutions of  Burundi.

 EMM Missions are to:
 -Provide NCOs and troops who are able, technical and vocational training in various crafts.
 -Endow the NDF with a   specialized manpower   in all technical sectors;
 -Teach NCOs and troop’s different kinds of crafts that will enable them to exercise this profession in civilian life after   retirement.

 Missions of  Bururi Camp  are  to:
 -Organize recruitments  and training of NCOs and troops' candidates;
 -Supervise and coordinate units of basic training and advanced training of NCOs and troops;
 -Organize training courses for NCOs and enlisted men;
- Organizing Schools of specialization for NCOs;
- Perform training programs in the training schools;
 -Ensure the availability of  documents and support the instructional materials;
- Advise the Chief of Staff training;
 -Provide seminars  related to Civic and Moral training; Law Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

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